Livello di rarità - Rarity

Marchio - Brand

Modello - Model

Referenza - Reference

Seriale - Serial Numbers

Anno - Year

Condizione - Condition


Documenti originali - Original Papers

Stato dell'orologio - Availability


  • Very rare collector’s watch
  • Limited edition of 1000 pieces
  • Only 150 watches made of white gold
  • Lifetime warranty on originality
  • Overhauled – One year guarantee on the functioning of the watch


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Rolex Texano 5100 Limited Edition

N 219/1000, only 150 pieces made in white gold
Years: 1971

in solid white gold
very good condition

Original Rolex silver dial
Perfect condition

original Rolex in white gold
Very good condition


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1962. Rolex participates with 20 other Swiss brands at the Center Horologer Elettronique to develop an electronic movement for wristwatches.
The components concerning the movement were made by Ebauches SA, today’s ETA.
The final result was the BETA 21, an authentic innovative movement, with a performance that exceeds the standard of the time, so much so that it was advertised with an error of less than one minute per year.
Characterized by a technology very similar to the Bulova Accutron, it is characterized by the continuous movement of the second hand, very similar to that of a mechanical movement and without the typical “shots” of the common quartz watches.
On 5 June 1970, on the occasion of the Basel fair, Rolex presented a limited and numbered special series to 1000 pieces called 5100, all exclusively in gold, of which only 150 in white gold, all numbered on the side.
An avant-garde design, inspired by the latest trends and a commercial promotion from a manual, meant that the series was booked and sold even before its production, a resounding success for Rolex.
These were indeed elite watches, presented by Rolex as follows:
“At our headquarters in Geneva there is a register, called the Golden Book, of our clients who can proudly count Rolex Quartz among their assets, which can be part of the Rolex Quartz Club, one of the most exclusive clubs imaginable.
Club members are welcome to Geneva. On their first visit, they are invited to sign the Golden Register and can enjoy a personal tour of the Rolex Geneva headquarters “.

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