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Stefano Mazzariol

Continuous study and updating

Stefano Mazzariol is a well-known name among lovers of the vintage Rolex world.

Stefano was not born into a family of watchmakers or jewellers, but his strong passion for vintage watches and the determination and recklessness of a 19-year-old boy drove him to take the leap of a lifetime: to buy his first watch by investing all his grandmother's savings.

Thanks to her and that steel Patek Philippe, he began his career as a dealer.

It is a job made up of continuous research and study, because Stefano soon learns that a vintage watch should not only be looked at but observed carefully.
A small detail can increase the value of a watch or lower it inexorably.

It is an experience that can only be gained in the field, only by comparing hundreds of watches in person.

Passion for disclosure

Stefano was among the first to spread curiosity and information about vintage watches, particularly Rolex, on the web since the early 2000s on platforms such as "Orologi e Passioni", "Vintage Rolex Forum" and "Vetroplastica".
His articles published on Blog Spot had a following of over a million people a year.

Today the entire blog is collected on , the most complete site ever created on the world of vintage watches and in particular Rolex, the only one that allows to evaluate the originality of vintage Rolex and for this reason it has become the reference site for enthusiasts and dealers in the sector.

Author of books & publications

In 2006 Stefano published as co-author his first book "Rolex Daytona dalla nascita al mito" (Rolex Daytona A Legend Is Born), now in its third reprint and sold-out.

Many collaborations including the book "Ultimate Rolex Daytona" (2010), the magazines Watch Club, Watch Shop, Mondani Magazine and Revolution.

Working activity

Stefano Mazzariol has been at the helm of Vintage Watches srl for more than 30 years.

In addition, more and more customers rely on the expertise of Stefano Mazzariol to ask for an EXPERTISE of their watch, thanks to his qualification of Expert of the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno as an expert of Rolex, vintage and collector's watches.