About Us: Vintage Watches srl

Vintage, modern, second-hand and NOS watches.
The research for timeless charm is our mission.

The most beautiful, rare and special watches on the market chosen from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Panerai, Tudor, Franck Muller, Zenith, IWC and other luxury brands.

Sport and classic Rolex models: Daytona, Submariner, Gmt Master, Sea-Dweller, Explorer, Chronograph, Yacht Master, Daydate, Datejust, Oysterquartz.
Limited Editions, Military, Arabic and Collectible watches.

Stefano Mazzariol

Director of Vintage Watches srl

"Which watch do you recommend buying?"

SM: "The one you like but the most beautiful you can find on the market.
The price is forgotten, the quality remains.
If one day you decide to sell it, the only thing they can make is that it's expensive. But it will be a buyer's problem, not yours."

daydate 1807 sequoia vintage watches stefano mazzariol

Classic Rolex...but very special

If you love classic watches but want to stand out, you will love our selection.
Special dials, unobtainable sets, limited editions.

The Daydate ref. 1807 in the photo is an example of this: Bark finished with a Wood dial, which is why it is nicknamed “Sequoia” by enthusiasts.

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The charm of Vintage

"The vintage watch is what you have to look for in the right places, what you have to understand and know, what fascinates you every time you look at it."

Stefano Mazzariol

Published on Revolution - 30 June 2021

Watches with Arabic logo

Rolex and other Luxury Brands with Arabic logo
The Oman swords, the UAE eagle, the Saudi Arabian coat of arms are just a few examples you will find in this selection of rare collector’s watches.
Hard-to-find watches on the market, for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

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Changed Color Watches

The colour change is a rare characteristic found in very few watches.
It is the natural change of colour that only time can bring to a watch.
No changed color dial can ever be the same as another, each one of them are unique.

The more intense the colour, the greater the fascination.

We present to you our selection of Tropical, Brown, Cream and other dials that have changed color.

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Military Watches

Milsub, Coroncione, COMEX, FAP, CNES, Octopussy, Big Indian, ARA…
What are we talking about?
Watches that tell a piece of history, given to the Italian and foreign armed forces for military use.
The dream of every collector.

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Diver Watches

Large size, vintage and modern diving watches in extravagant shapes and colours.
For those who don't want to go unnoticed.

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